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Tot-Smarts gives you the resources so that YOU can be your tot's best teacher!

Between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old, our little ones are sponges constantly absorbing information and activity. Make the most of every moment during this precious time! Here at Tot-Smarts, our focus is to:

Challenge your tot's sense of logic through activities such as sorting, matching, counting, patterning, and analyzing

Foster creativity through exploration of art materials, art processes, and art appreciation.

Encourage the development of your child's social/interpersonal skills through interactions with other children and adults during learning activities








In addition to brain stimulating logic activities and creative art exploration, Tot-Smarts will ignite your tot's mind by engaging them with music, movement, educational toys, and Circle Time. Caregivers will also learn countless ways to create teachable moments outside of class.

We are former teachers in math and art with 20 years of combined experience. Our goal is to provide an environment to motivate the minds of toddlers as they interact with peers and caregivers. Please join us at Tot-Smarts and you will soon see how toddler play and learning are truly intertwined!

About the Teacher


Anuva Bonzek

I'm a teacher at heart who enjoys reading, exercising, traveling, and trying new foods. After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin with a BBA in Marketing in 2001, I spent the next 9 years teaching 7th graders the joy of math. Now, I stay at home to raise my 3 year old daughter, Niva. When Niva hit the toddler phase, I watched in amazement as she discovered the world around her. From these observations, I noticed that 1) Niva relishes a good toddler challenge with a little bit of my guidance and 2) Niva is best stimulated while she is around her friends. Hence, the foundation for Tot-Smarts was born.